Meet the Flutter Girls



As long as I can remember, I have had a a love and passion for fashion! My mom was one of my many inspirations. When I was a little girl she made sure my sister and I always were dressed and ready for the day! Even if that meant waking us up at 4:00 am before she went off to work. That turned into begging to go to the mall every weekend for something new! Some of my best memories are with my mom and sister on our shopping trips to Chicago and New York. I never realized until now, the influence those trips had on me. Not to mention the priceless time with my mom and sister. They are truly my best friends!

I went to school for fashion merchandising and started my fashion career with companies such as The Gap, Old Navy and The Limited in the Chicago area. I couldn’t have asked for better companies to help me learn the retail way of life! Then I met with my amazing husband, Jon. He too had a dream to start his own company and we also wanted to start a family. We moved back home to the Quad Cities so that we could be by our families, and I left the retail career behind. I found an amazing sales opportunity at Pigott. 16 years later, I have a job I love to go to everyday! Jon and I are blessed to have 2 beautiful and amazing daughters, Jillian and Josie. They have forever changed our lives. I now find myself teaching them all that my mom taught me. Of course one of those is the love of shopping! I was definitely meant to have girls! We too have created amazing memories with those same girls shopping trips! More than anything I want to show them the importance of finding a good work/life balance and always following their dreams!

Fashion and retail have always still been on mind! My friend Jessica and I started discussing the idea of opening a boutique for years. This has been a dream of both of ours since we were little girls! With Jessica’s business background and my retail we decided we would make the perfect team! Both being from Moline, we were excited to bring a unique shopping experience back to downtown! Flutter opened in May 2015! Thanks to the love and support of our families, our dream came true! We are truly blessed!!



I am a Quad City native who is very blessed to have a loving, supportive husband and an energetic three year old boy who makes my heart melt everyday.  My love of beauty and fashion got me interested in being a hairstylist fifteen years ago.  Eight years ago I was given the opportunity of co-owning a hair salon which I now have sole ownership of.  I absolutely love doing hair!  Everyday is a new experience to help make people look their best.  The social aspect really fits my personality of getting to know people and having great conversations.

The next chapter comes after Jeannette and I (who have been friends for many years) decide our area needs to offer something more for women’s fashion. I’ve had a love of clothing since I could walk and always knew how to talk my Mom into “just one more outfit”! Not sure how we were going to make this work(considering we both have full time careers), we decided to take a chance with the support of our families. I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t take the leap. Just so happens the space next to my salon becomes available and we figure this is meant to be! With a lot of hard work we made this dream a reality.  Jeannette and I do a wonderful job of balancing each other out, which makes for a great partnership. I feel it’s very rewarding to hand pick each and every item that comes into our store to provide a uniqueness you can’t find anywhere else. I am so excited to see our passion grow and make it a destination for all women!